October 18, 2017

I cancelled my flights for tomorrow because the flights will take longer to connect in Houston than to drive. Driving to Dallas will take about 3.5 hours. Flying to Dallas via a connection in Houston requires me to wake up at 4am as opposed to waking up at 5:30am to drive to Dallas. Plus, I run the risk of delayed flights if for some reason the two flights are not on time. There's also a short connection which may make me miss the connecting flight to Dallas. It's all a big mess. Although I hate driving, driving to Dallas should be a better deal. Thanks for the tip, Taylor! I wrote back to Kelly what my intentions are and she is on board with it. I needed that extra push to get me in the right direction. I picked up breakfast tacos at Elemental Coffee this morning. They were surprisingly very good. I called ahead so I don't have to wait. The two tacos could have been split between breakfast and lunch. Instead of driving from my office to Elemental, I walked a few blocks. Getting coffee from there reminded me of Nelson because he loves their coffee. I am enjoying this very cool weather. Too bad it's getting warm by Saturday. It should be back down to being cool by Sunday because of another cold front. I don't recall dealing with cold fronts while in New York since it stayed cool and cold all Fall and Winter. Coming back down south, our weather is determined by the never ending jet stream. That completes today's lesson in Meteorology.

October 17, 2017

My last birthday gig was on Sunday with the Bullard family. If there are birthdays in a given month, there's one day where we all get together to celebrate those birthdays. I think I am the only person in September and it was already a crazy month so the October people allowed me to join them. Tess got me a Toanisha Parade cake. Noah sure do know how to come up with something that sticks till the end of time. I brought it into the office this morning hoping that it gets eaten up by the folks here. Thank you for my Amazon gift cards! I can never get enough of stuff from Amazon. Carrie got me a Williams Sonoma gift card. I'll have to find something fancy from there. My space heater at the office died on me yesterday. I was freezing all day long. I had to run to Target after work to pick up a replacement. The one that died on me came all the way from New York. I have no idea why I brought it with me considering I left almost everything behind.

October 13, 2017

We lost in yesterday's kickball game. It was a shit show for sure. The referee could not keep up with the scores and how many outs people had. There were a couple questionable calls where teams had to discuss what happened. I think we spent more time talking to the referee than playing the game. Paul and I just stood to the side and laughed to ourselves. People, it's not that serious! We are playing just for fun. It's not the end of the world. I have to say, "Both sides are to blame!" I love it when I get to quote Trump. It just sounds so ridiculous and idiotic. His one-liners can literally keep the memes and one-liner t-shirts into perpetuity. They will never go out of business. After our game, we went over to Blain and Tess's game. Their team is still undefeated. They are some serious athletic people. They all are fast and quick in their plays. It's insane how it is different playing them and the teams we have played. We went to the Garage for food and bingo after the games even though our team was at the Lighthouse. Kaci went to console Stephen at the Lighthouse and we got our grub on at the Garage. Their cheeseburger and fries are pretty good. They were extra good last night. Yay for Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches waiting for us at the house. Tonight we have another batch of cookies to make. This time, it's for Hunter's 1st fiesta birthday party. Friday is finally here!

October 11, 2017

Jacqueline, if you want to chit chat, then send me more than just "hi ong noi". What do you have to say? It's like hitting someone and running away. If you got something to say, say more than just hello. I've already replied to you now I'll just wait for another 16 hours to hear back from you. Geri, I'm here and alive in OKC. If you are ever in this part of town, feel free to ping me. I'm just a phone call away. My goal is to stay awake at least until 10pm. I've been getting really tired by 9ish. It's really bad. Although I have been waking up at 5:45am or so, but still... the goal should be to stay awake until 10pm. After that, I can doze off and sleep for the night. Taylor, I love all of your food postings. I don't know how you find time to cook and document your recipes to share with others. Julie, I'm glad we are on speaking terms now. I knew you would come around. It was nice of you to text on my actual birthday even though I failed to text you on your actual 40th. You wanted space and I gave you that. Tomorrow, I am off to Tulsa again. It's just for a morning meeting and we are back to Oklahoma City. For last night's dinner, I cooked up white rice and made an omelet. I added fish sauce and a pinch of sugar to the omelet. I wish I had onions. I love onions in all of my food. Last night's dinner was definitely a poor man's meal. Paul came home later and warmed up leftover chicken and veggies. We had what we wanted to eat for dinner, which was a nice change.

October 10, 2017

Who cares if we need to hear from Hillary Clinton about Weinstein...same goes for Obama. It's better that they are speaking out now even if it is after five days. Where is Trump in making a statement? He won't make a statement because he probably gropes women left and right. He does it himself so he may even tweet his support for Weinstein. It's just sad that this is the kind of news we are getting. Any news is bad news. Nothing is ever happy.

October 6, 2017

We won in last night's game. We were down for the first part of the game but managed to win back the losing innings. They were the best team in our group so it was nice beating them. Last week's game ended up in a tie. I don't know how that happened. After the game, we went on to sand volleyball. I only stayed to watch them play one game and I left to go home. Tonight we are supposed to check out the Paseo District but that's up in the air. This is the time of year when all of the festivals and home tours take place. Summer is too hot here so people wait until late September through early November to get their outdoor festivals and fairs in. Looks like a hurricane will directly hit New Orleans early Sunday morning. It is supposed to be category 1. I doubt that my family will evacuate considering it's only category 1. Let's hope it doesn't get stronger than that. Today I have a few things on my plate to take care of it but it should be smooth sailing as we progress through the day. When I come into the office for the day, I make a list of what I need to accomplish. It's a combination of work and personal stuff. I cross them out as I complete the tasks. It's really handy. It keeps me stay on track for the day. Mike, don't forget to take care of Adam and Hugo. They are pretty much down for anything so take care of them.

October 5, 2017

The a/c problem wasn't a big deal after all. The repair was $200 as opposed to at least $2,500. The technician replaced the capacitor to the condenser. That was it. Easy fix for sure...he also checked up on the unit itself and the thermostat to see if all is working. It appears everything is working for now. He says the unit has about 3-5 years left. I drove to Tulsa yesterday for work. It was nonstop rain getting there and back. Coming back was worse because it was complete darkness and downpours all throughout the Turnpike. I stopped at Crest to pick up some stuff on the way home. It was nice getting groceries in the early afternoon when everyone is at work. I had no lines to deal with and it was literally all housewives and senior citizens. Some of the Bullards came over for dinner last night. Adding a stick of butter to your pasta sauce changes everything. It's so good, yet so bad for you. As I dumped out the leftover sauce into tupperware, I could see the layer of thick oil at the top of the sauce. I tried out the mini muffin tin and they worked well with the brownie bites. Tammy, I am still recycling thanks to you. We go through so many recyclables so it makes sense to get them separated from regular trash. I also notice that almost all of neighbors put out their blue recyclable bins on trash day. I need to get a separate trash can for the recyclables. Who would have thought trash cans are so expensive? The cheapest 13-gallon I saw is about $25. The rest are at least $35.

October 3, 2017

I am starting to dread Mondays now. It's tough having to get up early from a long weekend. I missed the gym again because I was too tired to get up at 6am. I changed the alarm to 7am instead. I got up and was sweating profusely. I checked the thermostat and noticed that the inside temperature was 73 while the thermostat was set at 71. Clearly, something is wrong. Air was blowing from the vents but it didn't appear to be cold. It was more of a cool feel to it, yet not cold. I went to work. The whole day was just dragging. Robert and I had a 2pm meeting in Norman. After the meeting, I called it a day and went home. I came home and the house was very warm. The inside temperature increased to 77, while the thermostat was set at 71. Okay, so we have a problem with the a/c for sure. I went outside to check on the condenser. It was not moving. The fan did not move and there was no sound from the condenser. I couldn't deal with it now since it's after hours and we had to run to a Yelp event. At this point, it was better to be out and about instead of having to deal with the a/c issue. We came back to the house later that evening. The inside air was not so bad because the temperature outside cooled down a bit. The ceiling fan made the air tolerable. An HVAC person is supposed to come out today to check on it. Kaci indicated that replacing a condenser will cost at least $2,500. It was time the a/c went out since we knew it was on its last leg. It was going to happen this year or next year.

October 2, 2017

September came and went away...just like that. We are already in October. This is a favorite time of mine because of the haunted houses, pumpkin this and that, leaves are changing, etc. The only thing I hate is we lose one hour because of daylight savings time.